Hey everyone! I know some of you guys visited the fair and I have something to share with all of you. As DTI advocates culture and green fair, Here are some of the great finds for millenials:

 These materials and finds are made of ABACA from Bicol. They are several shops and store that you can choose from!

In line with government policies to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is focusing on green strategies that will lead to greater resource efficiency and higher competitiveness for Filipino MSMEs. 

In the selection of the 250 participating MSMEs from all over the country, preference was given to exhibitors whose products are green, organic, and eco-friendly. One of the special settings at the fair will be a Living Green Pavilion by the Design Center of the Philippines, which seeks to expand the conversation on designing to improve the quality of life by amplifying design voices that push for sustainability and circularity. In its special setting at the National Trade Fair, the national agency for design will showcase organizations across scales and regions that embody Green Crafts—those that utilize materials indigenous to the country and produce objects that evoke the unique Filipino value of malasakit.  You can also some instrument that are perfect for millennials with the help on the green advocacy.

 Guided by the principles of the circular economy, which aims to design out waste and regenerate natural systems, the Design Center’s initiative to upcycle Philippine design will catalyze more ideas on what it means to design for a better world. Other special settings will include: the Green Pavilion in partnership with DTI-Laguna and the Association of Laguna Food Processors (ALAFOP); the Holiday Decor Pavilion of the Philippine Homestyle and Holiday Decor Associaton; and the Marawi Showcase in cooperation with DTI-Region 10. The event will also feature a Furniture and Furnishings Showcase as well as crowd favorites like the OTOP Hub, the Leather Crafting Workshop, and the Kapetirya or Coffee Pavilion. 

Fair-goers are invited to contribute to the green initiative by bringing waste materials needed by the following partnerbeneficiaries: Liter of Light (1.5L PET bottles), Gifts and Graces Foundation (magazines and newspapers), Envirotech Waste Recycling, Inc. (PET bottles); and the Villar Sipag at Tiyaga Foundation, Inc. (foil wrappers). The 2019 National Trade Fair will be a four-day retail and ordertaking event featuring products such as furniture and furnishings, houseware and decor, wearables and fashion accessories, gifts and souvenirs, as well as heirloom food, and health and wellness products. 

Hoping that everyone really enjoyed the fair and support our local finds and products. You can check them via online or you may just contact the following for inquiries:
contact numbers are (02) 751-3223 and (02) 791 3102, or email bdtp@dti. You may also follow DTIBDTP on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.