Today is the first day of May and I know some of you guys are still spending summer vacation at the beaches, hotels and home. I would like to share this to everyone that Favori Scents collection is one of the best scent while you are in staycation. It has been my favorite since day 1 and it's aroma gave me the freshness that I want in my room. Luckily, they released some new scent for everyone! Presenting the FAVORI Luxury Aroma Collection. 

It has Six scents inspired by our love for travel and the elegant hotels we encounter along the way. It Bring five-star extravagance into your living space:

● Blissful Essence, a light comforting scent that brings happiness

● Oriental Delight, a floral mix that let's you escape to exotic destinations

● Passion Fire, a bold herbaceous scent that inspires adventure

● Quaint Town, an attractive aroma reminiscent of wandering around a charming old town

● Sunset Bay, a vibrant scent that makes us feel alive for that new day to come

● Warm Sunshine, a scent that will lift your mood to enjoy the brilliance of life 

Luxury hotels often use scents - that match their aesthetic - to make their guest's stay more inviting and comfortable. We wanted to bring this sophistication and elegance to your home. Good thing Favori scent made this collection perfect for heat and you need to be fresh at all time. 

The Luxury Aroma Collection is the fifth collection that joins the Refreshing, Relaxing, Upbeat and Sexy Aroma Collections - to help you “Create your Favorite Feeling!”

Indulge your senses with the rich palette of the FAVORI Luxury Aroma Collection - available in 10ml and 50ml Aerator/Diffuser and Burner Aroma Oils, 50ml Reed Diffusers and 150ml Premium Reed Diffusers.

About FAVORI With a dream to provide the local market with quality and long-lasting ambient scents for various living spaces at affordable prices, FAVORI – a handcrafted home fragrances brand that enables anyone to “create their favorite feeling” – offers topnotch aromatic products designed to uplift the ambience and improve the mood of people wherever a FAVORI product is present.

FAVORI Scents is designed to be enjoyed at home, at work, or at any living space, and offers aromas that will excite every note in a person’s olfactory spectrum. Aside from FAVORI’s soothing Aroma Oils, Reed Diffusers, Soy Aroma Candles and Aroma Pouches, FAVORI also has a Wellness line – by way of Air Sprays and Salves – geared to improve a person’s mindset and create a positive feeling towards well-being.

FAVORI Scents are available at Glorietta 3, Robinson’s Place Manila, SM Megamall, SM City Marikina, SM Southmall and Market! Market!

FAVORI Scents. Handcrafted with Passion. Scents for the Soul. Aromas for Living Well.