I’m here guys to share my review or experience with this product that I used in our homes, rooms or even my kits. Hope you guys would like and feel the vibes of this blog post 

Our mood is somewhat influenced by our environment. And the gloomy rainy season can sometimes give us the blues - it’s more traffic, you’re cooped up indoors, and everything seems gray. In such times we try to find comfort in the familiar. So, we’ve picked tried and tested aromas to make you feel at ease. PRESENTING THE FAVORI's Classics for a Rainy Day - Citronella, Jasmine, Lavender, Peppermint, and Vanilla.

The first one that I used in our home is the Citronella. The scent of Citronella is like you are enjoying the lemon scent in your home or room + it helps to kill some mosquitoes in your home. I love how it blend on our room because it smells perfectly. 

The next one is the diffuser or the aroma oil. It has 4 different scent: Vanilla, Lavender, Peppermint and Jasmine. This one is perfect in your living room because it gives freshness with the use of burner + it’s very relaxing to everyone! 

Classics for a Rainy Day includes Angel Aquino’s Favorites - Calming Lavender, comforting Jasmine and soothing Vanilla. Aside from Aroma Oils and Reed Diffusers, these come in Aroma Pouches as well.

This aroma pouch can be also used in the car or even in your bag because the scent will spread anywhere by just putting the pouch on your preferred area.

No doubt an all-time favorite, Peppermint can uplift and relax at the same time. It can also be blended with other aromas to add a minty kick. Available in Aroma Oils and Reed Diffusers. Yas! I do love peppermint!

For the last one is the Soy Aroma Candle. It is not just a simple candle to light it up but it has the scent that gives us refreshing and relaxing fragrance. Also, it helps to lessen the mosquitoes in our home, room or even in some areas! Favori’s product are so cool!

So, I highly recommended this product for you to have long lasting and refreshing fragrance in your home, cars even in your bag!


With a dream to provide the local market with quality and long-lasting ambient scents for various living spaces at affordable prices, FAVORI – a handcrafted home fragrances brand that enables anyone to “create their favorite feeling” – offers topnotch aromatic products designed to uplift the ambience and improve the mood of people wherever a FAVORI product is present.

FAVORI Scents is designed to be enjoyed at home, at work, or at any living space, and offers aromas that will excite every note in a person’s olfactory spectrum. Aside from FAVORI’s soothing Aroma Oils, Reed Diffusers, Soy Aroma Candles and Aroma Pouches, FAVORI also has a Wellness line – by way of Air Sprays and Salves – geared to improve a person’s mindset and create a positive feeling towards well-being.

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