Hello guys it's me again, EARLRSFEEDS and there's a NEW JAPANESE RESTAURANT IN NORTH METRO MANILA! Want to find out? Let me share this blog to all of you.

For most of us, we all love to travel -- whether it’s domestic or international, traveling to a new place gives us all a thrill and it's our stress reliever too. Being able to immerse in another culture all together is an experience that most of us crave for -- seeing new places, meeting new people, and the best thing of all: trying new food.

A lot of people’s travel bucket list often has Japan in it -- with its too-cool vibe with fashion, eclectic music, high technology, awesome landmarks, clean environment and unusual but tasty cuisine -- it’s definitely a crowd-drawer for Filipinos.

But did you know there’s a cheap hack in traveling to Japan? 
Yes that's right! It’s dining at 81 SeiHai! 

Aside from the amazing fusion sushi dishes, its artworks will definitely take you to the Land of the Rising Sun. ( No need to spend all your money just to travel Japan! Amazing right?)

Mandy Martinez, the artist behind all of the murals.
Drew inspiration from Japan’s fascination with mythical creatures like dragons and giant koi fishes, popular flowers in their country like waterlilies and Cherry Blossoms, and the Japanese’s admiration and fear of giant waves of water, also known as tsunamis.
Mandy’s dragon and koi sketch.

“The dragon here is supposed to represent Japan’s belief in that they are generous, benevolent forces that use their strength to do good for mankind. They are also believed to be very wise since they have lived for a long time,” Mandy says. These positive connotations have made dragon murals very popular.

Dragon mural in 81 SeiHai
I drew a lot of koi fishes in the restaurant because I read somewhere that Japan is very fond of it. They say that koi fishes are a symbol of determination, strength, courage, and a desire for success,” Mandy explains. Koi fishes also symbolize water, which the Japanese both respect and dread.
Koi and Cherry Blossom mural in 81 SeiHai.
“For the natural aspects of the murals -- like waterlillies, the famous Cherry Blossoms, and giant waves of water -- these are what I usually see from Japanese designs. They’re very into flora and fauna aesthetic… Most likely because they always aim to be environmentally-friendly,” she says. Nature has always been very much ingrained into the Japanese culture -- their attitude towards nature is described as “man in harmony with nature” or “man in nature”. This just goes to show how much the Japanese value the environment, and their desire to preserve it as much as they can.
Koi, Dragon, and wave mural in 81 SeiHai
All of the murals in 81 SeiHai will make you feel that you really are in Japan -- the ambiance of the whole restaurant is all you need to take you there. Add the fact that your dishes will be cooked by Chef Ronnie de Guzman, a master in Japanese fusion cuisine -- you just know that dining in 81 SeiHai will be an experience you’d never forget.

Murals is one of the best art techniques of Japan that i really loved and yes! it is here in the philippines where you could just find it in 81 Sei Hai! 

To know more about 81 SEIHAI  (pronounced as SAY HI) Sushi Lounge, Visit them at the G/F President Tower, 81 Timog Avenue, Quezon City.  For inquiries, please call (02) 355 0367 or 0915 513 7671.